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I just bought Journeyman 3 and I must say Bravo! The way you guys set up the game is excellent. It's 10 times harder than J2 and 20 times harder than J1. I've beaten them all accept J3. This is the first time I've been completely stumped in any of the parts of the Journeyman story. I think the part with the Black Buddha is really hard. I can't find the offering for it. I'd like to say Execellent to everybody who helped make the game but I would like to point out a few people. Matt Weinhold for the voice of Arthur and writing some of Arthur's script, Jerry Rector as Agent 5, and Michelle Scarabelli as Agent 3. And I have a question. Is Graham Jarvis the same guy that plays Elliot Sinclair in Journeyman Project Turbo? He sure looks like it.


    Yes, Graham Jarvis played Elliot Sinclair in the original J1 and the remake Pegasus Prime.

Hi Presto. I just bought "Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time". Even though I've just started, I just want to let you know how thrilled I am to be playing yet another great installment in the Journeyman series. Two quick questions: How can I find out more about Matt Weinhold? The return of Arthur is smokin'. Weinhold does some awesome work and helped create one of the best adventure game characters ever. Second question; Is any JP3 merchandise going to be made available. In true American fashion, I want to show my support for my favorite game by, yes, buying a t-shirt! Again, thanks for a great game (and making it cross platform for us Mac users, it's lonely out here) and I hope we see another Journeyman Project soon.

P.S As soon as I wrap up JP3, I'll install Pegasus Prime which is just sitting on my desk. Looking forward to it.

Take care,

- Ed

    Hmmm ... wish you were Mr./Ms. average consumer ...

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