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- Bloopers -
Over twenty hours of video was shot for Legacy of Time, but only a small fraction made the final cut into the game. Take a peek at some of our more notable rejects:

Arthur Outtake

Wait a second ... holograms don't cough! - [1.07 MB]

Beggar Outtake

The beggar expresses his feelings about death in a unique way. - [785 KB]

Daughton Outtake

After flubbing this line, Daughton feels like taking a vacation. - [1.27 MB]

Gardener Outtake

He doesn't quite have the slogan right yet. - [362 KB]

Khan Outtake

Khan needs gold to arm his horde ... that's all, honest! - [1.19 MB]

Biosuit Outtake

Yes, that's really not Michelle in there! We often used stunt doubles in the stuffy biosuits. - [906 KB]

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- Arthur Outtakes -
Some fans think he's the best thing since sliced processed cheese, while others ... well, let's just say we're lucky we didn't have a "throw tomato" feature. However, Arthur's presence in Legacy of Time definitely can't be ignored. Check out some of the wackier outtakes from volatile comedian Matt Weinhold ... some of which didn't make it into final product. (yeah, even we had to limit ourselves)

  • j3a_breakfast.aif
    "Mmmm ... that smells like breakfast!" - [33.6 KB]

  • j3a_destruction.aif
    "Nuthin' like a panoramic view of complete destruction ... eh, Gage?" - [46.6 KB]

  • j3a_ewww.aif
    "EWWW! If that's what healing water did to a chicken ..." - [37.6 KB]

  • j3a_gears.aif
    "Ahh, the gears of progress ... look at how they turn ... the gears of Gage's mind ... smell them as they burn ..." - [139.1 KB]

  • j3a_intriguing.aif
    "Very intriguing ... yes ... no ... yes ... no ... ?" - [85.5 KB]

  • j3a_lever.aif
    "Go on ... pull my lever, punk!" - [39.1 KB]

  • j3a_moo.aif
    "... when the acolyte looked up in awe, he saw the great cows of legend looking back at him approvingly, as if they were saying ..." - [96.9 KB]

  • j3a_mystery.aif
    "... there have been hundreds of theories ... placing the resting place of the lost continent at the Mediterranean, the Arctic, Central Asia ... Winnemuca, North of the Pecos ... Lake Titicaca ... (unintelligible) ... zZzzZZZzz ..." - [402.6 KB]

  • j3a_oven.aif
    "That oven looks interesting ... go poke your head inside and see if anything catches fire!" - [53.7 KB]

  • j3a_pleasewrite.aif
    "... oh forget this. If you can think of a funny line, please write to Presto Studios, care of ..." - [105.6 KB]

  • j3a_puppy.aif
    "Nice FLAT puppy!" - [27.0 KB]

  • j3a_tosshim.aif
    "Quick! Pull him up to the balloon so we can toss him over the side again!" - [38.5 KB]

  • j3e_fire.aif
    "Gage ... uh ... do you know why animals have a natural fear of fire? Cause it HURTS!!!" - [68.3 KB]

  • j3e_fumes.aif
    "... don't breathe those balloon fumes too deeply. Heaven only knows how the natives bottled that gas." - [88.3 KB]

  • j3e_joyride.aif
    "I'm thinkin' ... JOYRIDE!" - [21.9 KB]

  • j3e_mushrooms.aif
    "Now Gage, don't panic but we're going to attach your basket to the balloon and fly high into the air ... why yes Gage, I like mushrooms. Why do you ask?" - [104.5 KB]
- Helpful Tip -
Can't deal with Arthur? Think he's giving away too many hints? Well, then shut him up by setting Arthur to "Quiet" mode in the Game Options. Of course, if you can't get enough of him, you can also set him to "Chatty" mode instead!

Powered by Arthur

NOTE: the rantings of Matt Weinhold aka. Arthur in no way reflect the opinions of Presto Studios or Broderbund Software!

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