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Mission Secrets

- Secret Keys -

Hold down the following key during gameplay at certain secret locations to trigger special "easter eggs."

  • Macintosh: ` (the corner tilde key)
  • Windows : e

- Helpful Tips -
To speed up the playback rate permanently, enable the caps lock key by activating the Turbo Lock in the Game Options.
Accidentally clicking on hotspots while trying to look around driving you bonkers? Mac users can hold down the option key for "panning only" mode to temporarily disable hotspots.
On the Macintosh version of Legacy of time, clicking on the corporate logos on the main menu while holding down the control key will jump you to directly to our respective web sites if you have an internet connection.

- Easter Eggs -
Now that you know what the keys are, you're probably wondering: "where are all the secret places that I can use them?"

The Duck of Navone At least 17 easter eggs are known to be lurking within the worlds of Legacy of Time, but we can't give them all away because that would take all the fun out of it. However, here's some hints so you can get started. Good hunting!

BioSuit Clown Presto Studios' grand poobah has expressed deep regret that the production team had ever managed to get access to this old Halloween party photo.

Deny Everything The art director got a kick out of hiding cryptic graffiti all over the back tunnels of this game. Who thinks he was watching too much X-Files?

Weak Sauce Our corporate bean counter complained that he wanted to be more involved in the game.

We fixed that problem real good.

Ducks of Khan One of the lead conceptual artists loved ducks. If you want to see them fly south for the winter, there's someone you can go bug about it.

HINT: once or twice is not enough ...

Fall to Khan What's the fastest path to the other side of the earth?

Right through the middle, of course!

Holy Chortons! Yes, the staff guzzled lots of caffeinated soda to stay energized over long work days. If you're running the Mac OS X DVD-ROM, this scene has not one, but two easter eggs, the latter involving an Elvis impersonator...


Corn Bread The greatest treasure to behold! No key command is required to obtain this Sosiqui corn bread delicacy known as KAH-RAQKH...

HINT: It quietly appears in a remote location with an alternate pool-lock combination. Regarding the combination, what creature would you most likely feed this to?
HINT: It can be used to gain entrance to a temple in place of another hard-to-get item.
HINT: What did the Elvis impersonator tell you to put on it?

Pool Combo Regarding pool-lock combinations, this is not quite an easter egg per se... but if you were to hide the key to your back door, where would you put it?

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