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- Desktop Propoganda -
Shown below are large images suitable for full-screen desktop backgrounds created by Presto Studios' conceptual designer Scott Benefiel.

The Cast Of J3 The Cast of Legacy of Time
First featured on the cover of the Legacy of Time soundtrack, this lineup showcases the entire live-action and CG cast from the game.

[135 KB, 800 x 600]

QuoThalas Armada Qou'Thalas Armada
This image of the fearsome Qou'Thalas capital ships advancing towards Earth was used for the title screen of the demo version of Legacy of Time.

[48.8 KB, 640 x 480]

The Aliens of J3 The Aliens of Legacy of Time
Pictured are Cyrollans and the Qou'Thalas, myterious aliens that you'll be up against during your adventures with the Temporal Security Agency.

[49.6 KB, 640 x 480]

Time's Up Time's Up
Time is running out as the Temporal Security Agency and Earth is faced with its biggest challenge yet.

[72.4 KB, 640 x 480]

- Inspired Art -
Shown below is work inspired by the Journeyman Project series from Legacy of Time creative director Tommy Yune.

JourneyGirl JourneyGirl
This tongue-in-cheek spinoff of an "anime" TSA agent was featured in Jack Davis' The Photoshop Wow! Book.

[50.3 KB, 640 x 480]

Qou'Thalas Over Earth Qou'Thalas Over Earth
This scene of the Qou'Thalas Armada over Earth was only seen in the Legacy of Time trailer and actually never made it into the game.

[62.2 KB, 800 x 600]

Qou'Thalas Over Earth Also available as a wide-format panorama.

[60.6 KB, 1024 x 480]

Qou'Thalas Invasion2329 Qou'Thalas Invasion2329
An irreverent parody of the famous you-know-what splash screen featuring the Qou'Thalas Armada.

[68.2 KB, 640 x 480]

The Lost Storyboard The Lost Storyboard
Here's a scene that, thankfully, was never produced.

[115 KB, 768 x 960]

- Notice to All Fans -
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