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The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time
News from 2329 A.D.

- Late Breaking News from INN, Caldoria -

INN's Mark Johnson Hello, I'm Mark Johnson with the Interactive News Network. I'll be providing you with the latest updates from our skyborne bureau based in Caldoria. Check back here often to find out what's happening in the world of 2329 and beyond!

Last updated: October 2329

- September 2329 - October 2329 - Legacy of Time in Today's News -

15 September 2329
CALDORIA, Earth (INN) - After a dramatic turn of events in the most celebrated trial of all time, Gage Blackwood has been cleared of all charges! Agent Blackwood had been charged with several instances of tampering with the time stream. Presenting critical evidence, Blackwood proved that disturbed colleague, Michelle Visard, formerly Agent 3 of the Temporal Security Agency, framed him to cover up her plot to sell time travel to the Krynn, a of race technology hoarders.

24 October 2329
TEMPORAL SECURITY AGENCY, Earth (INN) - After an extensive search by the TSA, the Michelle Visard case has been closed. Visard was implicated in an elaborate plot to frame her colleague, the hero Gage Blackwood. After the plot was thwarted by Agent Blackwood, Visard disappeared amid a temporal disturbance and has been presumed dead.

28 October 2329
VEGA THALON PRISON, Saturn (INN) - Dr. Elliot Sinclair, the inventor of the first time travel machine, lapsed into a coma early this morning at Vega Thalon Prison, where he is currently serving a life sentence. According to physicians, Sinclair's deteriorating condition is highly unusual, since his health was reported as excellent last year. The cause of this illness has not yet been disclosed.

29 October 2329
THE SYMBIOTRY ASSEMBLY, Planet Cyrol (INN) - Jhessela, the Cyrollan Ambassador to Earth, testified on behalf of the beleaguered Temporal Security Agency. Following damaging incidents involving Elliot Sinclair and TSA's own Michelle Visard, an overwhelming majority of Symbiotry delegates favored a special amendment to the World Sovereignty Mandate that would make any use of time travel technology illegal. The full Symbiotry League is expected to convene within the next few days and make a final decision regarding the controversial time travel debate.

Watch this News Network for further updates regarding this historic decision!

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