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The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time
The Story So Far...

- Legacy of Time : Synopsis -
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Thousands of years ago the great civilizations of Shangri-La, El Dorado, and Atlantis vanished. Behind their mysterious disappearance lies a legend of power and destruction that will ultimately determine the future of humanity. As Gage Blackwood, Agent 5 of the Temporal Security Agency, you will travel through time, assume multiple identities, and weave your way through an intricate web of puzzles. Hidden in these lost worlds lies the key to survival.
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The Journeyman Project® 3: Legacy of TimeTM is the third installment in the highly acclaimed Journeyman Project® time travel adventure series and continues the epic exploits of the heroic Agent 5, Gage Blackwood. Available as a 4-disc CD-ROM set or the specially remastered 'Enhanced' DVD-ROM.
- The Journeyman Project World History -

02 February 2117
Unified World a Reality - World Senate convenes
  • After terrible nuclear wars leave only one quarter of the planet habitable, survivors strive to rebuild the Earth. The World Senate is established to forge a lasting peace.

Caldoria 01 January 2300
First Skyborne Metropolis - Caldoria
  • With swelling overpopulation and only half of the world's surface reclaimed, the World Senate turns to the sky and launches Caldoria, the first of the skyborne cities.

06 November 2308
First Alien Contact - The Cyrollans
  • Beings calling themselves the Cyrollans propose to the World Senate that Earth join a peaceful league of worlds called the Symbiotry. The Cyrollans give Earth ten years to deliberate.

15 August 2315
Pegasus Time travel Invented
  • Dr. Elliot Sinclair creates the Pegasus Device, the world's first time machine.
  • The World Senate orders the dismantling of the Pegasus Device and moves it to the newly formed Temporal Security Agency (TSA). The TSA rebuilds the Pegasus Device within a secret complex to forever guard the time steam.

06 November 2318
A New Galactic Order
  • Cyrollans return for Earth's decision regarding the Symbiotry proposal.
  • Dr. Elliot Sinclair attempts to alter history with another time machine and tries to assassinate the Cyrollan ambassador, claiming that the Cyrollans wanted to conquer Earth. Sinclair is apprehended by TSA agent Gage Blackwood and imprisoned on the Saturn moon prison colony Vega Thalon.
  • Earth accepts the Symbiotry bid to become a member of the galactic league.

08 Septamber 2329
Gage Blackwood on Trial
  • Gage Blackwood is put on trial for crimes against history. He escapes custody hours later and travels back to the year 2319 to meet himself in the past. The future Gage allows himself to stand trial while Gage Blackwood from 2319 gathers evidence to clear the name of his future counterpart.

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