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The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time
Agency Profiles

- The Temporal Security Agency - Recently Unveiled! -
TSA logo The Temporal Security Agency (TSA) is the government headquarters for time-travel activity. Jack Baldwin, the TSA Commissioner, hand-picked the elite agents of the TSA who safeguard history from illicit time travelers and embark on historical research missions. After many years of flawless service, one event has caused the TSA to decommission its time-travel JumpSuits and cease activity: the disappearance of Agent 3, Michelle Visard.

After receiving hundreds of requests for information on the exploits of their Agents, the Temporal Security Agency has allowed the Profile Database to become public. Watch this exhibit as more profiles are added to the exhibit as dossiers become available.

- Gage Blackwood: TSA Agent 5 -
Gage Gage Blackwood, Agent 5 of the Temporal Security Agency, is a decorated hero who has distinguished himself several times over. When Dr. Elliot Sinclair, the inventor of time travel, attempted to forever alter history, Gage stopped the estranged scientist's plot by using the Pegasus time machine. For his valor, he would be rewarded with Earth's highest achievement, the Paragon Medal of Honor.

Nearly a decade after the Sinclair incident, Gage's reputation would be tarnished by an elaborate plot to frame him, conceived by the rogue Agent 3. Realizing that he had been set up for crimes against the time stream that he did not commit, Gage escaped capture long enough to clear his name of all charges.

Gage's greatest love is gathering historical knowledge. He constantly accumulates references and books, absorbing texts and accounts about various events of the world's history. He will be remembered as the TSA's best agent and one of the greatest heroes of Earth's history.

- Michelle Visard: TSA Agent 3 -
Michelle Once regarded as one of TSA's best and brightest agents, Michelle Visard, formerly Agent 3 of the TSA, will now be remembered as a traitor to Earth.

In 2329. Visard attempted to sell the secret of time travel to a race of technology hoarders known as the Krynn. To ensure that her plan was never discovered, Agent 3 found it necessary to place the blame on Gage Blackwood to deflect suspicion away from her. After fleeing capture, Gage Blackwood foiled her plot.

When Gage Blackwood attempted to apprehend the rogue agent, a violent portal of temporal energy apparently enveloped her. After an exhaustive two month search, Agent 3 was declared dead by the TSA.

- Jack Baldwin: TSA Commissioner -
Baldwin In 2315, Jack Baldwin gave up a promising career as a World Senator to become the leader of a highly secretive organization. When he realized the scope of his new assignment, Baldwin knew that he would need elite recruits. So he gathered the finest minds from around the planet and trained them to be the most adaptive, resourceful, and dedicated agents history has ever known. Within that year, the Temporal Security Agency was formed and has guarded the time stream vigilantly since.

As Commissioner, Baldwin is in charge of all security and research matters within the Agency. He answers only to the direct edicts of the World Senate. Baldwin commands respect from his agents and his word carries considerable weight even with his superiors. Having personally chosen each of the TSA agents, Baldwin has developed a close rapport with all of the TSA operatives. For this reason, the betrayal of Agent 3, once a trusted friend, has troubled him deeply. During Agent Blackwood's trial, Baldwin never believed that Gage could be guilty and was sure that his best agent was framed. Because of the ensuing Agent 3 scandal, Baldwin has watched confidence in the TSA rapidly erode. He has personally traveled to the World Senate several times during the ongoing talks about time travel, staking his widely respected reputation on the integrity of his agents.

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