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The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time

- Pegasus Device - August 2315 -
Sinclair "The invention of time travel may eventually save humanity's future by teaching the world of the tragic mistakes of the past."
- Dr. Elliot Sinclair, Inventor of the Pegasus Device

History forever changed the day that Elliot Sinclair created the Pegasus Device, the first working time travel machine. Since that day, the Temporal Security Agency (TSA) has vigilantly guarded the time stream against any act that would threaten the sanctity of history.

Pegasus When the TSA was formed, government officials removed the Pegasus Device from the control of Dr. Elliot Sinclair and hid the time travel device to ensure that it could not be misused. Sadly, the loss of the Pegasus project imbalanced Sinclair's mental state. He secretly built another time machine and attempted to alter history. Sinclair's insane plot was thwarted by the heroic efforts of Gage Blackwood, Agent 5 of the TSA.

- JumpSuit - Deep Time Unit - June 2325 -
Daughton "Our never ending quest for knowledge will inevitably yield answers. Those answers allow us to better ourselves so we can endeavor to learn even more."
- William Daughton, Inventor of the TSA JumpSuit

JumpSuit The invention of the Time Displacement Unit, the JumpSuit, allowed TSA agents to time travel within a self-contained device. The JumpSuit ushered in the Deep Time Unit, composed of an elite group of TSA agents led by Gage Blackwood. Using cloaking technology built into the suits, the agent would observe true historical events in our distant past.

This incredible achievement of ingenuity serves as a sobering warning of the dangers of technology. As a member of the Deep Time Unit, Michelle Visard, Agent 3 of the TSA, abused the power within her JumpSuit. She attempted to frame her comrade Agent 5, to cover up her plot to sell the technological secrets of time travel to an interested alien buyer. Fortunately, Agent 5 was able to stop her plans and clear his name.

- The Artificial Intelligence 'Arthur' -
Arthur "Arthur's mind is similar to a developing child. He will learn and grow and during that process, he will teach."
- Kenneth Farnstein, Father of Modern Neuroscience

Eighty two years ago, in the year 2297, a salvage ship discovered the derelict Amarax space station, the former home of the reclusive scientist Dr. Kenneth Farnstein. What the salvage ship brought back to Earth changed the face of science forever. From the returned remains, Earth scientists realized that Farnstein had used his revolutionary Neuro Polymer Gel to simulate human synaptic pathways for an incredible purpose - to create and raise a true Artificial Intelligence. Unfortunately, the artificial being known as Arthur died with his enigmatic creator when a meteor shower struck the station.

Amarax Station However, fate would create an unexpected path for Arthur. As part of her plot to frame Gage Blackwood, Agent 3 planted vital evidence on the shattered Amarax station. Gage Blackwood tracked Agent 3's trail and discovered Arthur only hours before he would perish on the dying ship. In order to avoid changing history, Arthur offered to download himself into Gage's JumpSuit and make a copy of himself. The two became close companions while traveling through time to clear Gage's name. Gage found Arthur a valuable resource of historical information and his advice helped lead them to Agent 3. However, Agent 3 would capture them once her identity was discovered. In order to save his new friend, Arthur learned the noble concept of sacrifice by turning himself into a virus and infecting Agent 3's suit. The resulting malfunction caused a violent flood of temporal energy to engulf Agent 3's JumpSuit. Agent 3 and Arthur have not been found since and are both presumed dead.

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