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- Pegasus Prime FAQs -
Trilogy BoxI heard that The Journeyman Project is being remade or re-released. How does Pegasus Prime fit into the game series?
    The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime is a remake of the first installment of the best-selling time travel adventure series. Based on the compelling story of the original classic that started it all, the entire game was completely recrafted to take advantage of advancements in technology, featuring fully-animated motion through expanded environments, upgraded robot adversaries, challenging new gameplay sequences, and greater integration of live actors.
    Pegasus PrimeYears of work to enhance The Journeyman Project resulted in the award-winning "Director's Cut" remake, called Pegasus Prime. However, some compromises were made and some features went missing in the rush to get it out for CD-ROM in 1997. A small number of units of this early version were made available only for the Mac in the United States. Talented programmers have since worked hard to port the unreleased DVD-ROM version of Pegasus Prime to modern systems, and even incorporate "lost" features from the impossible-to-find Playstation version. Other improvements include higher-resolution cinematics, higher bit-rate stereo music tracks and ambient audio.

When will this become available? Will there be a digital download version?
I can't wait to play this! Is there a demo version that I can try out?
    Yes, Mac and Windows users can download the free demo here!

Soundtrack CDThe music rocks! Is there a soundtrack album for this?
    Yes, the original soundtrack CD and a limited-edition EP of supplemental music are available here!

Arthur ApprovedI heard rumors that Arthur is included in this game. Am I hearing things?
    It's true! Arthur is indeed included in Pegasus Prime, but as a hidden feature. You can either look for the "secret key" to start your quest to find him, or get hints from our gameplay walkthru (spoiler alert).

Hey, I think I found a bug or have problems running the game. What do I do next?
I'm a big fan! Where can I get the latest updates about this?
    Follow our official Journeyman Project page on Facebook or Twitter for more updates.

- Gameplay FAQs -
Will my computer's performance have an effect on gameplay?
    In some instances, there may be an activity that needs to be completed within a designated amount of time. Pegasus Prime contains gigabytes of gameplay data that may overwhelm older computer systems. It is recommended that you check the system requirements and optimize your computer for the best performance.

What is the difference between "Adventure" and "Walkthru" difficulty modes?
    "Adventure" mode allows you to experience the full features of the game, and is recommended for the player seeking more challenges. "Walkthru" mode simplifies or removes some features to allow for an easier gameplay experience. You can also use your Artificial Intelligence biochip in "Walkthru" mode to solve some difficult puzzles for you, though your total possible score will end up being lower as a result. Also, if you save a game during a puzzle, your game will be restored at the beginning of the puzzle.

How do I control the game? Can I reassign the key controls?
    At the main menu, you can use the arrow keys or your mouse scroll wheel to navigate the menu options and then press ENTER or click the mouse button to select an option. In the INTERFACE OVERVIEW, you can review all the different functions and controls of your user interface. Press F8 to access the key mapper to reassign any input keys to your preference.

Why is the solve button disabled in my Artificial Intelligence biochip?
    Either you are not located next to a solvable puzzle (check the walkthrough for these locations) or you are playing the game in "Adventure" mode. Pause the game and switch difficulty to "Walkthru" mode if you would like to use this feature to solve a puzzle.

Do I need to complete the time zone missions in any particular order? Can I transport back to any location within a time zone?
    No. Although there are some tasks that need to be completed in a specific sequence, you have full freedom to explore each time zone non-linearly. The Pegasus device will always transport you to the same starting point of each time zone (Prehistoric, Mars, Norad, World Science Center). Therefore, if you leave a time zone without completing the mission, you may need to repeat some actions when you return. However, saving a game allows you to restore it later from that exact time and location.

What should I do if I become stuck on a mission?
    If you find your progress halted in a time zone, you can use the Pegasus biochip to "recall" you back to TSA. From there, you can resume that time zone from the beginning, or continue on to another time zone. Sometimes, you may need to obtain an inventory object in that time zone (or from another time zone) to complete a specific task.

What do I do if I don't have enough energy remaining to complete a mission? What if I get killed on a mission?
    You can use the "recall" function of the Pegasus biochip to recall you back to TSA at any time during a mission. Recalling via the Pegasus device brings your biosuit energy level back up to 100%. However, if you run out of energy or come to some other untimely demise, you will be presented with the option of continuing from the last safe spot in your game, or restoring from a saved game. It is always recommended that you save your game frequently.

Can I control the movement of the tunnel pod or shuttle on the Mars Colony or the sub in Norad?
    The computer automatically controls these three vehicles in the original 1997 Mac version. The new version for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows adds interactivity for these vehicles in "Adventure" mode, where you can branch into alternate parts of the environment. This mode adds challenge to the gameplay, so it won't be a cakewalk. Also note that if you save your game during one of these vehicle sequences, the saved game will restore you at the last location right before you start the vehicle.

When I accumulate more than nine objects in my inventory, one object is automatically removed to make room for new item. Will I need to find the deleted item again to use somewhere else in the game?
    No. Although some objects may be used at a later time, and possibly more than once, Pegasus Prime only removes objects whose function is complete and are no longer needed:

    Expendable Items, in order of least priority: (SPOILER ALERT - select to reveal)
    • Beverage Glass
    • Historical Log (removes itself upon use)
    • Tranquilizer Dart (removes itself upon use; only after analysis)
    • Journeyman Key (only after opening the Prehistoric vault)
    • Access Card
    • Nitrogen Canister (only after deactivating Mars bomb game)
    • Power Crowbar
    • Oxygen Mask

    Items that will not allow you to use the Pegasus recall function if they are in your possession and may ultimately lead to failure of your mission:
    • Assault Rifle
    • Gas Canister

    Items that will not be removed:
    • Antidote
    • Argon Canister
    • Card Bomb
    • Card Keyring
    • Office Keycard
    • Stun Gun

How is the game structured on disc?
    Pegasus Prime does not store the game as sections of a linear story. The DVD-ROM version is self-contained and requires no disc swapping. The CD-ROM version has been optimized to minimize disc swapping and contains the time zone environments in the following manner:

    • Disc 1 - Caldoria, Norad Alpha, Pegasus Device, Installer
    • Disc 2 - Prehistoric, Temporal Security Agency & Pegasus Device
    • Disc 3 - Mars, Pegasus Device
    • Disc 4 - World Science Center, Norad Delta, Pegasus Device

What is the 'Gandhi' bonus? What difference does it make how I finish the game?
    The 'Gandhi' bonus is given to players who successfully complete all three missions (Mars, Norad, and WSC) using "non-violent" methods. Choosing a violent solution to a time zone may result in losing access to biochips that may be helpful in completing the game.

I want to revisit parts of the game, but I don't need to see every cinematic or hear all the A.I. advice over again. Can these be skipped?
    Yes, most of the cinematic sequences and all of the A.I. feedback can be skipped with the ESC, ENTER, or RETURN keys. If you accidentally skip an A.I. hint that you thought might be helpful, you can repeat it by clicking the image of the active A.I. biochip.

I just defeated the robot in the World Science Center, but the Pegasus biochip / device still identifies the time rip at 2310 as being unresolved. What did I miss?
    Defeating a robot and acquiring its optical memory biochip does not necessarily mean a time rip gets resolved (there is a way to complete the 2185 time zone at Mars without acquiring biochips at the end). If a robot leaves behind a significant part of itself from the future (a weapon, for example), that particular time rip will not yet be resolved until such an item is retrieved.

Does this game have any other hidden features or "easter eggs"?
    Aside from the big doozy himself (Arthur), the updated version of Pegasus Prime is jam-packed with lots of fun "easter eggs" throughout the game, which can be triggered with the "secret key". To find out what this key is, access the interface overview from the main menu, and then point at all the little keys in the onscreen keyboard for a hint to get you started!

- Additional Hints & Tips -
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