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Buried in Time

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"This is a buy it, buy it, buy it ... in fact, this may be the best game of the year. Don't even think twice about it, get this game!" - John C. Dvorak, C/Net Television

"The Journeyman Project II: Buried in Time is everything an adventure game should be." - Bob Levitus, Mac User, 1/96

"Possibly the most breathtaking visuals of any game this year." - MacUser 1/96

"The sexiest and most challenging adventure since that other 3-D game - what's it called, again?" - Zach Meston, Wired, 12/95

"Buried in time is an enormously satisfying game ... the visual artistry is clearly used in support of, not in place of, an equally full and solid storyline" - Charles Ardai, Computer Gaming World, 11/95

"... much more engaging story than Myst, Killing Moon or 7th Guest." - Charles Ardai, Computer Gaming World, 11/95

"The Journeyman Project II: Buried in Time is an adventure gamer's dream" - Barry Brenesal, Electronic Entertainment, 10/95 GAME OF THE MONTH

"It's the game that Myst is purported to be, but actually falls short of, with a rich, detailed and well researched story, graphics to die for, a clean interface and most of all, game play that never gets tedious or repetitive. Is it the best adventure game released so far this year? You bet." - Steve Bauman, Computer Games Strategy Plus, 10/95

"Buried in Time has it all ... [it] is about as challenging as graphic adventures get." - Gary Meredith, CD-ROM Today, 10/95

"A new watermark for photorealistic adventure games." - Ron Dulin, Computer Player, 10/95

"Buried in Time stands in a league of it's own. It is by far the best looking adventure this reviewer has ever seen ... it never errs on the side of presentation over content." - Steve Bauman, Computer Games Strategy Plus, 10/95

"A near-perfect fantasy adventure game." - Jeremy Berg, Computer Player, 10/95

"... this 3 CD-ROM masterpiece reeks of quality at every turn." - Ottawa Sun 8/8/95

"... Buried in Time does more to encourage the Willing Suspension of Disbelief than any other adventure game I have seen to date." - Douglas Kiang, Inside Mac Games CD-ROM edition, 7, 8/95

"In Buried in time, the perfect balance is struck between humor and drama, action and suspense ... the game sets a new standard for realism in first person adventure games." - Douglas Kiang, Inside Mac Games CD-ROM edition, 7, 8/95

"This is a brilliant $70 time-travel adventure game ..." - The Wall Street Journal 7/20/95

"Throughout your travels you'll have a chance to visit some of the most breathtaking rendered locations ever witnessed on a computer screen." - Ron Dulin, Computer Player 6/95

"With knockout visuals and sound and plenty of puzzles and locations to explore, BURIED IN TIME could be one of the top multimedia Windows/Mac adventures." - Steve Bauman, Strategy Plus 4/95

"This is pathetic! What am I going to do next? Hold a flashlight under my face?"
PC: bitpc1.wav (65KB)
MAC: bitmac1.aif (65KB)

(bitter and defiant): "So I guess I haven't gotten rid of you after all. You just pop up in a different spot like a ... whatever pops up in a different spots. So what ... corrupting my work not enough? Back to finish the job? WHAT?"
PC: bitpc2.wav (156KB)
MAC: bitmac2.aif (156KB)

"Yikes! Better think this one through, or we could end up skewered like a ... a ... oh, you know what I mean. Man, I've gotta get the hang of this simile business."
PC: bitpc3.wav (130KB)
MAC: bitmac3.aif (130KB)

"I keep trying to sneak a peak down the data stream, but I'm afraid I'm going to stand out like a... like a... a rat in a garden hose! Hey, that was pretty good. Anyway, I'll keep trying."
PC: bitpc4.wav (130KB)
MAC: bitmac4.aif (130KB)

"He din't really mean for you to ride that thing naked, did he? You could get something CAUGHT in there!"
PC: bitpc5.wav (91KB)
MAC: bitmac5.aif (91KB)

"Ooh rope bridge. Very dangerous. You go first."
PC: bitpc6.wav (65KB)
MAC: bitmac6.aif (65KB)

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