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- Buried in Time Troubleshooting -

Troubleshooting Guide - Macintosh Version (7.1 to 9.2.2)

Animations do not play when player moves forward.

    This is a problem with QuickTime version 2.1. Try using QuickTime Version 2.0 which can be found on disc 1 in the "Files for System Folder" folder. You can also use QuickTime 2.5 or later.

Power Mac 7200 getting Script errors and X-lib errors running Buried In Time

    Disable the 7200 Graphics Accelerator.

"Sorry Options Movie couldn't be open" (Continue) (Quit) "Script error handler not defined" #g0ptMovie ID"

    AutoDoubler compressed the BIT info. Reinstall and exclude the folder from the AD control panel.

BIT says insert disk # and then puts up another dialog box saying insert Disk 1:

    Disable the Stuffit Control Panels.

Known Extension Conflicts with BIT:

  • 7200 Graphics Accelerator
  • Stuffit Control Panels
  • Mount Image Control Panel
  • Auto Doubler
  • Disk Doubler
  • RAM Doubler
  • Speed Doubler

When starting Buried In Time on an 8MB system, a System Error, "script error", or "handler not defined" message appears and then the program aborts.

    In the Finder, go to the Apple menu and choose "About This Macintosh...," and note the "Largest unused block". If the number listed is less than 5000KB, there is not enough available memory to run BIT. Quit any programs currently running or try removing any unneeded system extensions to free up at least 5000KB. Highlight the Buried In Time icon on your hard drive, go to the File menu, and choose Get Info. Change the preferred size so that it is 4250KB.

When running BIT on the Swedish OS, an error "Could not play movie.." will appear before all QuickTime animations.

    This problem is specific to the Swedish OS. Select the Text control panel and change the setting to "English". After restarting the system, the error messages will disappear.

When starting the game, some of the beginning animations are skipped. When moving forward, the sound can be heard but there is no visible movement.

    These problems can occur when using QuickTime 2.1 with Buried In Time. Try using QuickTime Version 2.0 which can be found on disc 1 in the "Files for System Folder" folder. QuickTime 2.5 or later will also work as well.

During game play, the sound is choppy or the system suddenly freezes:

    Select the Memory control panel and make sure Virtual Memory is off. If RAM Doubler or AppleTalk are active, try disabling these features. If the problems persist, try removing system extensions that aren't required for BIT to run.

Buried In Time requests another CD to be inserted, but the current CD will not eject.

    A fix has been posted to correct the disc ejection problem with PowerPC systems that have IDE CD-ROM mechanisms. Click here for the latest patches and upgrades.

    Also, some 3rd party CD-ROM extensions or control panels may have problems ejecting the CDs from within the game. Make sure you are using the latest available CD-ROM driver software or Apple CD-ROM extension.

At the end of the game, the Krynn ambassador kills me. Pressing the pink transport button doesn't appear to work:

    The problem is easily fixed by cloaking and uncloaking manually and not using the keyboard shortcut +C to cloak or uncloak.

Troubleshooting Guide - Windows Version (3.1 to 95/98)

Blank Screen in BIT when running with a Diamond Video Card:

    Edit WIN.INI, and find the [Drawdib] section. Scroll to the bottom of the section and add the following line:


Making BIT run with a CD changer:

    To run BIT with a CD-ROM changer these files must be present in the Windows root directory (i.e., WINDOWS OR WIN95). Windows 95 Upgrade users will have to add a BIT95.REG file appropriating the proper CD-ROM drive letters. Use NOTEPAD to open the file BIT95.reg on Disk 1 form the Registry Directory inside the Win95 Directory and edit the CD-ROM Drive letter. Choose "save as" select the windows root directory and save. Then double-click on the newly saved file to add its information to your computer.


    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Presto Studios\Buried in Time\1.1]
    "CD Path 1"="D:\\"
    "CD Path 2"="E:\\"
    "CD Path 3"="F:\\"

For Windows 3.1 users the BITMPC.INI file already exists. Just enter the appropriate CD-ROM Drive letters using NOTEPAD and save.

When user clicks on the icon it says it can't find the file.

    If you go under File Manager and then go under the WINDOWS directory and then the SYSTEM directory then choose VIEW and SORT BY DATE, then choose VIEW and ALL FILE DETAILS. Then look through the list for any files with the dates of 6/29/95 or 7/4/95. There should be 13 of them. Move all these files to the C:\BITMPC or what ever you named the BIT directory and the game should work fine.

When attempting to execute Buried In Time on a 8MB system, a message appears stating that there is not enough memory available for the program to run:

    Some memory problems can be caused by high resolution video modes. Try using a video mode of 640x480 with 65,000 (or 256) colors.

Buried In Time still has low memory problems using 640x480 video modes.

    Programs may be loading in your configuration which use up too much memory for the game to execute. Adjust the amount of memory being used on your SMARTDRV line in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Find a line which looks like "C:\DOS\SMARTDRV.EXE" and modify this line so it looks similar to "C:\DOS\SMARTDRV.EXE 1024 256".

Buried In Time is having low memory problems or errors:

    Make sure the user has at least 8 MB of RAM by verifying it in DOS with the MEM command.

Using an 8MB system, Buried In Time runs in 256 color mode. When changing to thousands of colors, there is not enough memory for the game to load. SMARTDRV is already set to "1024 256", why won't BIT run? :

    There may be more programs in your configuration which are taking up memory. Check your CONFIG.SYS file for a line which contains "IFSHLP.SYS" and place the word "REM " in front of this line.

When first attempting to run the Windows 95 version of Buried In Time, an error "Not enough memory available" or "An error occurred, please close other applications" appears:

    These messages appear even though the system has 8MB+ and no other items are running. These errors may occur on some systems if the default installation pathname is changed. It is advisable to install the game to default pathname.

When first running Buried In Time in Windows 95, an error appears stating that the "Video Decompressor" cannot be found:

    This error will occur if there are problems in Windows 95's video playback interface. Problems may occur due to an incomplete Windows 95 installation, or the video interface being overwritten by an installation of Video for Windows 1.1 into Windows 95. To fix this problem, run the Windows 95 installation so that Windows 95 can restore these missing files.

While running Buried In Time, the sound chops and stutters. Sometimes this causes a General Protection Fault in the sound driver:

    Most sound problems are due to old or incompatible sound drivers. Contact the manufacturer of your sound card for the most current drivers.

While running Buried In Time with a Turtle Beach sound card, a General Protection Fault occurs in the sound driver even though the latest driver has been installed:

    At the time of release, Buried In Time was found to be incompatible with the Windows sound drivers for Turtle Beach sound cards. Future drivers for these cards may fix these problems.

After inserting Disc #2 (at the game's request), the game freezes, gets a disc read error, or a General Protection Fault occurs:

    Some pressings of the second disc are known to have problems being read by CD-ROM drives. As Sanctuary Woods' and Red Orb's replacement disc program have long since passed, the best option for PC users is to download the updated version of the game for Windows XP/Vista/7 for only $5.99 from

While playing the game, it suddenly aborts with a "General Protection Fault":

    Check the module the error is in. Try identifying the module and trouble shoot from there.

Many of the animations in the game are off-center while others only appear briefly. When examining the inventory items, the various screens will loop back and forth:

    Open the Drivers section of the Control Panel (from the Main group), highlight the "[MCI]Microsoft Video for Windows" driver and click on the "Setup" button. In the configuration options, turn off "Zoom by 2" and make sure the driver is set to "Window" instead of "Full Screen".

When trying to save a game, the error "Invalid filename specified" appears:

    Make sure that the saved game is being directed to the Hard Drive, not the CD-ROM drive. All saved games in Windows 3.1 must be no more than 8 alphanumeric characters. Avoid using punctuation or symbolic characters.

When attempting to load a saved game, a General Protection Fault occurs:

    This is usually due to timing errors during the game restoration. Make sure the latest sound and video drivers are being used and that no other applications are running in the background. This error can also occur if the game was saved while a video segment was running. It is advisable to save games only at "rest spots" within the game. Do not save your game during any INN sequences.

After jumping back to the castle, the boulder will not crash through the wall. OR In the Krynn Vessel, the game will lock up after moving down the left corridor:

    An update is available to fix this problem. Click here for the latest patches and upgrades.

Is Buried In Time compatible with Windows95?:

    Although Buried In Time should run fine on Windows95, a newer 32-bit version was created for Windows95. Click here for the latest patches and upgrades.

When I open a saved game it gives me an error:

    If you saved during a movie or while watching the news, that saved game is unrecoverable.

The screen does not update when you click on the direction arrows to turn:

    The problem appears to be with a universal draw handler that is installed with Diamond video cards, though it may not be limited only to these cards. It replaces some lines in the SYSTEM.INI in the [drivers32] section. Check with the video card manufacturer for the correct way to put the correct VFW lines back.

The game won't see the C drive when trying to install:

    The customer has either a SyQuest, Zip, Jaz or another removable hard drive installed.

Buried in time won't run and gives an error:

    Customer had Norton Antivirus Autoprotect running. Shut this off by renaming it out of the autoexec.bat and/or config.sys and/or and restart. Then try running the game.

Dynalink error or Invalid link error:

    In the SYSTEM.INI look for the line under [drivers]

    DCI=RFMDCI  and change it to

    also look for the line under [display]

    DCI-Support=ON  and change it to

Installation Troubleshooting - Windows Version (3.1 to 95/98)

Go to the Run line and type D:\BITSETUP.EXE where D is the letter of the your CD ROM. The game installs into a program group called Buried In Time. The default install directory is C:\BITMPC.

There have been a few isolated instances in which the installation may not properly expand files to the hard drive. During installation, BIT attempts to copy the following files into the BITMPC directory:

  • BIT2416.EXE
  • BIT816.EXE
  • BIT_W95.WRI
  • WAIL16.DLL

Enter the Windows File Manager and navigate to the BITMPC directory. If the files listed above do not appear in your BITMPC directory, navigate to your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory and look for these files again. If you still do not see these files, skip to the Manual Installation section of this document.

You can select multiple files in the File Manager by clicking the left mouse button on the file name while holding down the CTRL key. Make sure to select ONLY the files listed above. When all of the listed files have been highlighted, press the F7 key to move these files. In the "To:" box, type in the path leading to the BITMPC directory (C:\BITMPC in most cases) and click the OK button. Once the files have been moved, exit the File Manager and double-click on the Buried In Time icon to run the game.

Manual Installation:

On some systems, a Manual Installation of BIT may be necessary. The following steps should get you through the installation.

  • Make sure you have Windows loaded and CD #1 of BIT in your CD-ROM drive.
  • Open up the Windows MAIN group and double-click the MS-DOS Prompt icon.
  • Use the EXPAND command to copy files from the CD to your hard drive. Use the following command as an example:
    EXPAND -R D:\*.* C:\BITMPC
    In the example, D: is the CD-ROM drive letter, and C:\BITMPC is the location of the BITMPC directory on the hard drive. You may need to alter these items if the drive letters are different on your system.
  • After using the EXPAND command, you need to rename some of the files. Use the following commands:
    Again, as with the EXPAND command, C:\BITMPC is the location of the BITMPC directory on your hard drive. You may need to alter this item if the drive letter is different on your system.
  • After the files have been renamed, type EXIT and press the Enter key. This should return you to Windows. You can run BURIED IN TIME by double-clicking on the icon.

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