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- Walkthrough Guide -
This gameplay guide will help you quickly solve the game. Although these instructions can be used to give hints, it is advisable to play through the entire game to better assist others.
2318 - Caldoria Heights: Beginning

  • Move toward your desk and take the global transport card.
  • Leave apartment and head to the elevator. Push elevator button.
  • * Notice the elevator takes someone to the roof and then returns to your floor. If you go to the top floor, no one is there and the roof access door is locked. Who could be up there?
  • Enter the elevator and push the button for the first floor.
  • Leave the elevator and find the transporter in the lobby.
  • Enter the transporter, use your card on the slot, and select Temporal Security Annex.

2318 - Temporal Security Annex

  • Walk to the door and slowly type the code 6894895 to enter.
  • Head forward, then left at the hallway to reach the Command Center.
  • Enter the Command Center and approach the monitors.
  • Select the upper-left monitor and enter the code 0524133 to access the videos.
  • * Watch ALL 3 videos, then wait for the temporal alarm to sound.
  • Exit the Command Center, then head right to reach the Ready Room.
  • Enter the Ready Room and approach the cabinet on the right.
  • Open the top of the cabinet to get the Key.
  • Open the lower panel and take the Pegasus and Mapping Bio-Chips.
  • Exit the Ready Room and walk straight down the hall to reach the elevator.
  • Take the elevator to the lower level and enter the Pegasus.

Prehistoric Era - Historical Log Disk

  • Once in the Pegasus, select the only time era available (199^99 BC).
  • After arriving, head into the canyon and follow the path until your reach the safe.
  • Use the Key on the safe to open it and retrieve the Historical Log Disk.
  • Use your Pegasus chip and click on the Recall button to return to the TSA.
  • Return to the Command Center and approach the monitors.
  • Open the lid of the reader on the right side and insert the Historical Log Disk.
  • Type in the code 0291384 to access the disk.
  • * Review all of the time distortions and return to the Pegasus.

2185 - Morimoto Mars Colony

  • Turn around and walk down the hall. Follow the robot down the left corridor.
  • Enter the maintenance transport. Pick up the wire cutters and maintenance key.
  • Pull the level to activate the transport. When the transport stops, exit to the platform.
  • From the platform, move through the door to an intersection and turn left.
  • When the robot tells you to move out of the way, turn right and move forward.
  • Take the oxygen mask hanging the on the oxygen machine. Refill the mask.
  • Turn around. Head forward then right (the hallway the robot came from).
  • When you reach the panel, activate it and click on "Return to Last Position".
  • Use the maintenance key to unlock the controls to the shield generator.
  • When you "Run Diagnostics", a foreign object will be detected in the card slot.
  • Analyze the object to identify it as a bomb. Click on Circuit Link to Detonator.
  • * You must now complete a color coded puzzle to deactivate the bomb.
  • Take the detonator, click "Retract Platform" then make your way back to the intersection.
  • Open the rotating door in front of you. Step and and click on "Spin".
  • Since the air here isn't breathable, put on your oxygen mask.
  • * Use the Mapping bio-chip to navigate through the maze. Move to the northeast section of the maze and find the ore bins. Move onto a bin and "ride" it to the above level.
  • Open the door and make your way back to the shuttle docks.
  • Find Shuttle Dock 3, open the door and enter the shuttle.
  • * After an animated sequence, you will fight the robot in shuttle 2. Use the Energy Beam on the enemy shuttle until its energy falls below 10%. Once the shuttle is depleted of energy, use the Tractor Beam to grasp the vehicle and then the Close Range Transporter.
  • Open the door. Wait for the robot to collapse, then open its head.
  • Pick up the Optical Memory, Shield and Trace Bio-Chips.

2310 - World Science Center, Australia

  • Remove the tranquilizer dart. Turn left twice to find the compound analyzer.
  • Activate the analyzer and insert the dart when requested.
  • Move to the other end of the lab to find the molecular synthesizer.
  • Activate the machine and begin building an antidote to the dart's toxin.
  • * To assemble the molecule, move the pieces to the molecule assembly in the correct order. If placed in the wrong order, the molecule will destabilize and you must start over.
  • When the molecule is complete. turn left twice and take the antidote to cure yourself.
  • Click on the green door to exit the lab.
  • * You must now find the purple door, it is the only door you can enter. If you run into any people, you must restore your game or start over from the beginning, so be careful.
  • Open the purple door and enter the room marked Auditorium Electrical Access.
  • * There are two ways to defeat the assassin:
    1: Use the power cable on lower right side of the platform to electrocute the assassin.
    2: Use the cutters from Mars to open the Fire Extinguisher box and activate the argon gas.
  • Open the robot's head and take the Optical Memory and Retinal Simulator Bio-Chips.

2112 - NORAD VI

  • The complex is filled with sleeping gas, so use the oxygen mask.
  • Activate the shield bio-chip. Open the door and step into the hallway.
  • After being shot, move through the hallways until you reach a door with a retinal scanner.
  • Use the Retinal Simulator Bio-Chip to open the door.
  • Move into the room and activate the monitor.
  • * When the nuclear strike begins, navigate the globe with the trackball and deactivate the missile silos. A good knowledge of geography is helpful here. There are a lot of silos and you will need to deactive most of them.
  • Exit and move back down the hallway to the Loading Arm control room.
  • Examine the Loading Arm screen and click on Programmed.
  • Once the robot approaches, click on Activate. The Arm will crush the robot.
  • When the robot's head opens, take the Optical Memory Bio-chip.

2318 - Caldoria Heights: Finale

    * Now that you've restored the past, it's time to thwart an assassination.
  • Exit the Pegasus machine, leave the TSA and transport back to Caldoria Heights.
  • After arriving, enter the elevator and take it to the top floor (roof access).
  • * Remember earlier that someone took the elevator to the roof? The roof offers a wonderful view, and a perfect place from which to assassinate someone.
  • You cannot open the locked door, so put the detonator card in the card slot.
  • Open the door, then use the stun gun on the assassin.

* Congratulations! You've saved the day!

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