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The Journeyman Project

- Top Quotes from the Media -

"Every scene is rich with painstakingly detailed graphics... The Journeyman Project redefines the state of the art in interactive adventures..."
- Macworld 9/93

"Forget about the director's cut of 'Blade Runner.' Presto Studios' long-awaited 'The Journeyman Project' sets the current standard for new... CD owners who are looking for something to stuff into that shiny new slot."
- James Bradbury, MacUser

"Interactive fiction doesn't get any better than this."
- New Media Magazine 7/93

"...a challenging, take-no-prisoners game."
- Computer Gaming World

"...a multi-planet time-travel saga of polished science fiction and puzzling complexity."
- New Media

" experience that rivals the most exciting movie or the most detailed strategy game."
- Axcess

"...the world of interactive gaming is never going to be the same."
- Mark Rhodes, Micropublishing News 1/93

"There is a lot to discover, interactive devices, audio effects and superb photorealistic imagery"
- MacFormat 4/93

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